Atlanta to Almont

The plan was initially set into motion in July of 1995. I had spent a winter and a the better part of a summer living in Winter Park, Colorado and was sad to be departing, but as I had totally run out of funds, I figured that I probably should get serious and get a real job. As I was leaving I remember saying to my buddy, Drew “I’ll be back in five years! I’m going to get into computers and be able to work from anywhere!”. Bold words for a 25 year old with little computer experience at a time before the internet was something that people even knew about.

My projection that it would happen in five years was wrong. It took me twenty. But finally I was able to prove my words true and headed back out to Colorado to work remotely doing Design and UI/UX work.

The Work

I’ve often been asked “how were you able to do this?” and heard “wow, you are so lucky! I wish I could do that!”. I do acknowledge that I have been


The Plan

The short term plan was to hole up near Crested Butte because 1) it’s a bad ass little ski town 2) I have a couple of buddies living there and 3) it’s awesome. The plan was to work, snowboard and explore, in that order. After a couple months of this it would be time to hit the road and go... somewhere. The first part of the plan was finding a place to stay for a couple months. That place ended up being the “Disco Midge” - a cabin in Almont.

Atlanta to Almont

December 22, 2015 I set out from Atlanta. My companions for this leg of the journey were the two dogs -Midge and Ollie - and a Tacoma load of stuff for Colorado and beyond. A couple long days and a couple hotel stays later and we were in Colorado.

Not even to Almont yet and already playing in the snow.

Almont, CO

Almont is what you would call a hamlet. “Town” is too big of a word. Almont is a bend in the road where the speed limit drops and you better slow down because either the cops or the deer may be waiting around the next bend. Three Rivers Resort makes up the bulk of the buildings and is bookended by a bar/restaurant on one end and a post office on the other end. Not much in the way of services, but what it does have is a plethora of beauty. Living up to it’s name there are three rivers that meet in Almont - The Taylor River and East River meet in Almont where they become the Gunnison River on the bar side of things, and past the Post Office heading to the east a valley leads you eventually to the Taylor Reservoir. We’re in a valley, so mountains surround it on every side. In the summer, this place is jumping. In the winter, not so much. It was quiet and peaceful. Great for getting work done and a great place for the dogs.


Next up! Three months in Colorado.

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